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Volunteer Meeting and Orientation

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We meet monthly to catch up on all the goings on at the Read/Write Library and to acquaint new volunteers with the project. This is the perfect way to get up to speed on what we're working on in our programming, collection development, community outreach and cataloging. All are welcome!

While we try to work out an easy to remember schedule for meetings, for now the best way to find out when they are is to join the discussion list or email

Current Volunteer Needs

Open Volunteer Positions

Interested in joining our board? We're recruiting! Email Executive Director Nell Taylor for more information.

We are in immediate need of volunteers in the following capacities. Even if you don’t have much time to commit, please consider giving us feedback on any of the following:

Tech Team: Work on website content and development. Even if you don't have a lot of technology experience you can help out. We are in need of volunteers with some Drupal experience as well. To join the tech team view the wiki here.

Cataloging and Library Advisory. You don't need a library degree to catalog with us, only an interest in getting to know your city better, one book at a time. Come find out what our patented “Catalog Socials” are! (Ice cream a definite possibility, square dancing not required.) We constantly need help going through publications to determine things such as title, publisher, author, year, subject, contributors and cataloging manager Dave will help you out. If you do have an MLIS, we'd love your assistance with authority records, shelving strategies, and all kinds of other professional input.

Programming. Would you like to plan and organize workshops, readings, and lectures at the library? Have you always wanted to be an arena rock concert booker, but weren’t sleazy enough? Help us organize on a smaller scale both at the library in Humboldt Park and with our partners all over the city and suburbs.

Community Outreach and Collection Development. We don't claim to give anyone a voice — communities already have their own. We want to help these voices get heard so that everyone's stories have a chance to inform our shared cultural memory. But in order to do that, we need to get the word out. Do you speak a language other than English, produce media from a point of view or cultural background that doesn't get represented enough in mainstream collections, work with youth or adult literacy? Want to research publishing in different neighborhoods or set up a Pop Up Libary? Is there something we should have that we don’t? Help us find it and continue to spread the word that we’re looking.

If you have a vehicle and would be willing to help with pick ups, please let us know.