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Title Contributors (first 10, click title for more) Subjects
the non stop contributors unknown Personal
Nature's Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West William Cronon, Charles Inger History
Chicago in Story Clarence A. Andrews Art, History
Black Chicago - The Making of a Negro Ghetto 1890-1920 Allan H. Spear, Chicago Historical Society, Alfreda Barnett Duster, Chicago Defender Nonfiction, Politics
A Natural History of the Chicago Region Joel Greenberg, H. Sampson, Floyd Swink, J. Greenberg, Greg Neice, Bob Thall, John Spinks Sr., Noel Pavlovic, Ron Panzer, John A. Shuey History, Science
The Rise & Fall of the Dil Pickle Club Franklin Rosemont, Paul Durika, Sherwood Anderson, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Jack Jones, Sam Dolgoff, Ben Reitman, Edna Fine Dexter, Emanuel Carnaval, Ralph Chaplin Current Events, Documentation, History, Nonfiction, Politics, Sociology
Chicago: A Personal History of America's Most American City Finis Farr, The Bettmann Archive, Brown Brothers, John Handcock Mutual Life Insurance Company History
Understanding Public Policy Thomas Dye, Marina Harrison, Lundgren Graphics Ltd., Ron Chapman, Marc Anderson, Fred McDarah, AFL-CIO News, Ken Karp, AT&T Photo Center, US Air Force Photo Politics, Sociology
Chicago's Famous Buildings Arthur Siegel, Carl W. Condit, Hugh Dalziel Duncan, J. Carson Webster, Ira J. Bach Art, Documentation, History, Nonfiction, Resource
Douglas Garofalo Joseph Rosa, James Cuno, Carissa Kowalski Dougherty, Jeff Wonderland, Garofalo Architects, Inc., Roberto Schezen Documentation, History, Nonfiction, Resource