Emotional Abuse: A Manual for Self Defense | Book Workshop with Zak Mucha, LCSW

Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 7:00pm


Read/Write Library
914 N. California Walton Entrance
60622 Chicago , IL

Author and psychotherapist Zak Mucha, LCSW, presents a free talk and workshop from 7-9pm based on his recent book 'Emotional Abuse: A Manual for Self-Defense.' Copies of the book will be for sale and all proceeds at this event benefit Read/Write Library.

About 'Emotional Abuse: A Manual for Self-Defense'

'Emotional Abuse: A Manual for Self-Defense' examines the phenomenon of emotional abuse and how we are socialized to minimize, justify, and dismiss aggressive behavior. The camouflage of emotional abuse leads us to feel we deserve the abuse or somehow are “too sensitive.” We deny our pain to protect the relationship; by denying our pain we lose our own boundaries. Unaware of our boundaries, we do not know when or how to begin defending ourselves.

In the introduction Joel Dvoskin, Ph.D. wrote:

“While Zak Mucha’s explanation of the harms of emotional abuse is useful, it pales in comparison to his wisdom in teaching us emotional self-defense. Learning to protect ourselves from emotional abuse changes everything… Thanks to this wonderful book, each of us can learn to be our own hero, by learning some simple yet powerful ways to respond to emotional abuse.
You are about to go on a journey that is at once deeply personal and scientifically valid. This book has been waiting a long time to be written.”

About Zak Mucha

Zak Mucha, LCSW is a psychotherapist in private practice in Chicago. He spent seven years working as the supervisor of an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program, providing 24/7 services to persons suffering from severe psychosis, substance abuse issues, and homelessness. Mucha has worked as a counselor and consultant for U.S. combat veterans training for digital forensic investigations in child pornography. He is also a clinical associate faculty member at the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.