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Q & A

Are there any time restrictions on when I can join?
Subscribers can join anytime, but must join by the 15th of the month to receive the following month's book. For instance, if you subscribe (or purchase a gift subscription) by December 15th, 2016 you'll be all set to join us for the first discussion in late January. Subscriptions purchased after December 15th will join us in February and then into 2018 (for 12-month subscribers). We do this because most of the publishers participating in this Book Club are small presses and we need a firm count each month to ensure we have enough copies and that we're not overstocked.

Do you offer month-to-month subscriptions?
While we considered and initially planned on offering month-to-month pricing, we felt that it was more critical to offer subscribers a community that they could come to know and trust regularly and who were all committed together to reading books outside of their comfort zones. By not having one-off books available each month, we hope the discussions will be more balanced among members, rather than having the author or book itself be the sole draw. This program is about discovery and the books we value, and we hope that you'll enjoy taking the risk of reading something you might never pick out for yourself.

Where and when will the discussions take place?
For now, all monthly book club discussions will take place at Read/Write Library on a Sunday afternoon. Depending on the number of subscribers, we may add additional times during the month to ensure that each discussion is comfortable and intimate enough for guests to be heard. If demand is great enough, we may also offer discussions in different parts of the Chicago area. We will keep subscribers in the loop as the program evolves to make sure we are taking your feedback on locations and timing into account.

What age is this book club appropriate for?
The Hungry for Stories book club selections are geared toward adults who are interested in literature as well as having deeper conversations about Chicago's narratives and creative expressions. While there are certainly high school students who can handle these themes and contribute to the conversation, we do suggest that you use your discretion in recommending or gifting a subscription to anyone under 18. Likewise, we ask that caregivers not bring children under 14 to the discussion so that other subscribers can feel comfortable speaking about the books' subject matter freely.

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