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The Studio Reader: on the Space of Artists

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book, Jacob
The studio as resource. Buzz Spector -- Rochelle Feinstein -- Shana Lutker, "Index: dream studio, 2003-2006" -- Michael Smith, "Recipe: perfect studio day" -- John Baldessari, "In conversation" -- The studio as set and setting. Howard Singerman, "A possible contradiction" -- Frances Stark -- Robert Storr, "A room of one's own, a mind of one's own" -- Bruce Nauman, "Setting a good corner" -- Michael Peppiatt and Alice Bellony-Rewald, "Studios of America" -- Annika Marie, "Action painting fourfold: Harold Rosenberg and an arena in which to act" -- Kimsooja -- Barry Schwabsky, "The symbolic studio" -- The studio as stage. David J. Getsy, "The reconstruction of the Francis Bacon Studio Dublin" -- Art & language, "Art & language paints a picture" -- David Reed -- Thomas Lawson -- Charline von Heyl -- Svetlana Alpers, "The view from the studio" -- Rodney Graham, "Studio" -- Joe Scanlan, "Post-post studio" -- Carolee Schneemann, "The studio, June 22, 2009" -- Daniel Buren, "The function of the studio" -- Daniel Buren, "The function of the studio revisited: Daniel Buren in conversation" -- Carrie Moyer -- Marjorie Welish -- Marjorie Welish, "The studio visit" -- Marjorie Welish, "The studio revisited" -- The studio as lived-in space. Mary Bergstein, "The artist in his studio: photography, art, and the masculine mystique" -- Rachel Harrison -- Lynn Lester Hershman, "The studio present" -- Brenda Schmahmann, "Cast in a different light: women and the 'artist's studio' theme in George Segal's sculpture" -- Karl Haendel -- Brian Winkenweder, "The kitchen as art studio: gender, performance, and domestic aesthetics" -- Glenn Adamson, "Analogue practice" -- Amy Granat, "1107" -- David Robbins -- James Welling, "Polaroids, 1976" -- The studio as space and non-space. Jon Wood, "Brancusi's 'white studio'" -- James Welling, "Paris, 2009" -- Caroline A. Jones, "Post-studio/postmodern/postmortem" -- Courtney J. Martin, "The studio and the city: S.P.A.C.E. Ltd. and Rasheed Araeen's Chakras" -- Katy Siegel, "Live/work" -- Suzanne Lacy, "Beyond necessity: the street as studio" -- Walead Beshty, "Studio narratives" -- Andrea Bowers -- Judith Rodenbeck, "Studio visit" -- Lane Relyea, "Studio unbound".
Mary Jane Jacob is professor of sculpture and executive director of exhibitions at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the coeditor of Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art and Learning Mind: Experience into Art.Michelle Grabner is professor in and chair of the Department of Painting and Drawing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the codirector of The Suburban, a gallery in Oak Park, Illinois.