Judith V. Jordan

Women's growth in connection : writings from the Stone Center

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book, Jordan
The development of women's sense of self / Jean Baker Miller -- Women and empathy : implications for psychological development and psychotherapy / Judith V. Jordan, Janet L. Surrey, Alexandra G. Kaplan -- The "self-in-relation" : a theory of women's development / Janet L. Surrey -- Empathy and self boundaries / Judith V. Jordan -- The meaning of mutuality / Judith V. Jordan -- Beyond the Oedipus complex : mothers and daughters / Irene P. Stiver -- Women's self development in late adolescence / Alexandra G. Kaplan, Rona Klein, Nancy Gleason -- The meanings of "dependency" in female-male relationships / Irene P. Stiver -- Relationship and empowerment / Janet L. Surrey -- The construction of anger in women and men Women and power / Jean Baker Miller -- The "self-in-relation" : implications for depression in women / Alexandra G. Kaplan -- Work inhibitions in women / Irene P. Stiver -- Eating patterns as a reflection of women's development / Janet L. Surrey -- The meaning of care : reframing treatment models / Irene P. Stiver -- Female or male therapists for women : new formulations / Alexandra G. Kaplan -- Empathy, mutuality and therapeutic change : clinical implications of a relational model / Judith V. Jordan.
Why have women been so consistently defined as deficient in maturity, self-mastery, and independence according to the models of human development inspired by male culture? The authors of WOMEN'S GROWTH IN CONNECTION, a sampling of the influential working papers from the Stone Center, Wellesley College, have sought to answer this question by studying developmental theory and reformulating it to reflect women's experience more accurately. These papers, about women's ways of being in the world, frame an innovative relational perspective on women's psychological development. The authors--clinicians, clinical supervisors, and teachers--have been searching for therapeutic models that take into account women's meaning systems, values, and organization of experiences, all of which often revolves around relationships rather than the self. By offering a new perspective on women's development, WOMEN'S GROWTH IN CONNECTION stands at the forefront of the ongoing feminist movement to examine and reshape psychological theory and practice. The authors offer this volume as an invitation to the reader to join in the building of new models of women's development.