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Journal of Ordinary Thought: I Am Here

Journal of Ordinary Thought: I Always Like Plenty of Napkins

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Journal, Journal of Ordinary Thought
Winter 2011
Winter 2011
"The Journal of Ordinary Thought (JOT) publishes reflections people make on their personal histories and everyday experiences. It is founded on the propositions that every person is a philosopher, expressing one's thoughts foster creativity and change, and taking control of life requires people to think about the world and communicate their thoughts to others. JOT strives to be a vehicle for reflection, communication, and change. The Journal of Ordinary Thought was founded by Hal Adams is 1991." This edition contains poems, reflections, illustrations and photographs concerning food and the culture surrounding it.
Contributors continued: Lori Jones, D.L. Minor, Ida Watanabe, Emmoretta Jones, Jeanette A. Jordan, Phyllis E. Roker, Don Watanabe, Esther Jones, Gabbrielle Martin, Sylvia Taylor, Sheila Black, Baba Tony Brown, Debra Marks, D. Kucha Brownlee, Margaret Williamson, Deborah Dennis, Nena Adams, Marita DeMarinis, J.P. Marsch, Claire Bartlett, K.C. Hagans, Norma Mateo, Edmee Cappas Velez, Leticia J. Jimenez, Ronnie Fare, Ramiro Rodriguez, Darren High, Jermell Sledge, Javier Rodriguez, Hector Vasquez, Students of DePaul University's “Discover Chicago: Photographing Chicago Landscapes" First part of Abstract is from inside pages.
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Journal of Ordinary Thought