Sifredo Torres

Lost in Darkness: JOT Writers on Home, Housing and Homelessness


1313 East 60th Street
60637 Chicago
United States
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M Journal of Ordinary Thought: Lost in Darkness
Spring 2002
"Lost in Darkness" speaks to the voices never heard, the stories never told. The voices of those with no guarantee of hearth and home. Books on housing usually don't make the best-seller lists. Housing isn't "sexy". You won't hear these stories in the late-night on Letterman or Leno. But many of us are just a couple of paychecks away from the street. Recent studies have confirmed it: Twenty-first Century Chicago faces an alarming crisis - a severe shortage of affordable house. This collection captures the real, human stories of housing and homelessness. The words of human beings who shuffle, invisible, through half-lives of bus shelters, viaducts and abandoned basements.