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Book Your Own Fuckin' Life

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Magazine, Book Your Own Fuckin' Life
From -: " the pre-internet guide that connected the indie scene...Maximum Rock N Roll helped pull together all these threads into a 1992 guide named Book Your Fucking Life – and it changed the entire musical world. The magazine’s manifesto is laid out at the beginning of the guide, and points towards the kind of social networking that now runs rampant. Back then it seemed innocent and filled with possibilities. The burgeoning “DIY movement” is described as vibrant. This guide is filled with hope. “Over these past years the DIY movement has grown at an unprecedented rate, in some cases fueled by profit-making trends, but for the most part on a real grass-roots level. The national and international communication within the DIY movement is what has kept it strong over the years. Through the efforts of certain individual and fanzines, people have been able to make concrete connections between people of similar interests and have created an entire underground economy based on the spreading of our own living culture and ideal. Bands have been able to promote themselves, book tours, put out records without bowing down to the corporate music industry. That is the essence of DIY. People helping other people without an eye for profit, only for creating a better world and having some fun. Networking has played a major role in making all this happen. That is why we present “Book Your Own Fucking Life” for just this tool.' Listings are by city, state, and country and were crowdsourced.
Transfer found from May 3 (1994) - punched, paper, stores between 65-66