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Threadbare Clothes, Sex & Trafficking Anne Elizabeth Moore, Julia Gfrorer, Delia Jean, Melissa Mendes, Simon Haussle, Sarah Meier, Ellen Lindner, Leela Corman Comics, Current Events, Fashion, History, Nonfiction, Sociology
Cultural Democracy - The Arts Community & the Public Purpose James Bau Graves, Phyllis O'Neill, Tonee Harbert, Jim Daniels, Kevin McCarthy and Kimberly Jinnett, James Clifford, NEA, Rosemary Siciliano Art, History, Nonfiction, Politics, Sociology
Haunted Exiles Back Up on the End George Bailey Fiction
The Beat Cop's Guide to Chicago Eats Sgt. David J. Haynes, Christopher Garlington, Chief Jim Maurer, Timothy Kocher, Todd Petersen, Laurel Haines, Rachael Patrick Food, Nonfiction, Personal, Sociology
P. S. You Sound Like Someone I Can Trust Abi Humber, Patrick Carey, Alban Fischer, Julia Heney, Erika L. Sanchez, Ms. Eliza Ramirez, Ivan Perez, Mauricio Munoz, Jazmine Rodriguez, Vanessa Cruz Current Events, Fiction, Nonfiction, Personal, Sociology
Unspeakable Acts Ordinary People - The Dynamics of Torture John Conroy Current Events, Documentation, History, Nonfiction, Politics, Psychology, Sociology
Chicago's New Negroes Davarian L. Baldwin, Jacqueline Johnson, Chicago Historical Society, A'Lelia Bundles/Walker Family Collection, 'The Crisis', Carter G. Woodson Regional Library, Indianapolis Freeman, Riverside Records and Jim O'Neal, GTN Pictures, Al-Tony Gilmore Collection Documentation
Black Bolshevik - Autobiography of an Afro-American Communist Harry Haywood Nonfiction, Personal, Politics, Sociology
NOMMO A Literary Legacy of Black Chicago (1967-1987) Carole A. Parks, Maria K. Moortry, Abdul Alkalimat, Gerald McWhorter, Haki R. Madhubuti, Don L. Lee, Hoyt W. Fuller, Sterling Plumpp, Angela Jackson, Carolyn M. Rodgers Current Events, Documentation, Fiction, History, Nonfiction, Personal, Philosophy, Poetry, Politics, Resource, Sociology
El Mestizo Magazine Spring 2014 Sarah Gardner, Bianca Betancourt, Katie Schultz, Javier Suarez, Megan Mak, Marcos Perez, Bianca Martinez, Brian Martin, Carlos Nava, Crystal Rodriguez Art, Current Events, Fashion, Fiction, Music, Poetry