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Title Contributors (first 10, click title for more) Subjects
The Chicago Bungalow Dominic A. Pacyga, Charles Shanabruch, Mati Maldre, Bonita Mall, Scott Sonoc, Joseph Biggot, Jan Cigliano, Ellen Skerrett, Harry Meyer History
Punk Planet see attached file Art, Comics, Music
AREA Chicago's First Wants and Needs Benefit Party and Auction contributors unknown Art, Current Events, Documentation
Bound to Struggle Where Kind and Radical Politics Meet Volume 4: Desire simon strikeback, Sarah Mangle, Mat Defiler, Black and Blue, kit wilson-yang, Sarah Faulkner, Emmet, s.k. shipwreck, Babs de Genlis, Robin Peckham Politics
The Gang Book 2006 James W. Wagner, Kate Curran Kirby, Mars Eghigian Jr., Joseph Petrenko Current Events, Documentation, Politics, Resource
Bound to Struggle Where Kink and Radical Politics Meets Volume 3: Language Qilo, Beth Tub, T.R. Tamil, Sarah Mangle, Descara, Emmett Ramsted, Jakob VanLammeren, Aren Z. Aizura, Laion Pessoa, Annabelle River Politics
Bound to Struggle Where Kink and Radical Politics Meet Volume 2 simon strikeback, Early to Bed, madsen minax, Challes Deadprince, Margo Miller, Rina M. Rothman, appleseed, Minax, s. kelley shipwreck, emmett starr Politics
The Monster Gasped, OMG! contributors unknown Fiction
Historical Moments of Policing, Violence, and Resistance Series Vol. 6: Chicago's Red Summer of 1919 Elizabeth Dadabo, Madeleine Arenivar, Samuel Barnett, Martha Biondi, Lisa Dadabo, Billy Dee, Julie Hilvers, Mariame Kaba, Eric Kerl, Olivia Perlow Documentation, History, Politics
How to be a good zine citizen Liz Mason, Carrie Art