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I Remember... Eyebrows on Fleek: Memoirs From the 8th Graders of St. Ann School Abi Humber, Alison Sustarich, Alize Perez, Leyla Ramirez, Julian Rodriguez, Itzel Cebrero, Emily Vargas, Bryan Franco, Cristina Avitia, Jeff Almaraz Nonfiction, Personal
Nature Drusilla Williams Art
in the weather: self-guided walks/Chicago Bonnie Fortune, Melinda Fries, Mess Hall, Karin Patzke, Temporary Services, Mike Wolf, Locus, Dan Gleason, Joel Ross, Amy Theobald Nonfiction, Resource, Travel
Lean Mean Teen Zine Machine #3 Molly, Colleen, Linnea, Michelle, Rose Fiction, Music, Personal, Poetry
TwERK LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs Nonfiction, Personal, Poetry
TwERK LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Douglas Kearney, HR Hegnauer Personal, Poetry
Cows On Parade In Chicago Mary Ellen Sullivan, Simon Koenig, Herbert and Rico Berchtold, Richard M. Daley, Logotype, Roland Kaufmann, Jerry Elbaum, Eduard Jaun, Michael Schmitt Art, Nonfiction, Travel
Studs Terkel - A Life In Words Tony Parker, Kate Nichols, Norman Pellegrini, Linda Lewis, Jim Unrath, Stephen Jones, Lois Baum, Mike Royko, Florence Scala, Beverley Podewell History, Nonfiction, Personal
Riverview Amusement Park - Images of America Dolores Haugh, Schmitt Collection, Cleary Collection, Riverview Archives, Waite Collection, Philadelphia Toboggan Co. Collection, Coultry Collection, Carlstedt Collection, Jeske Collection History, Nonfiction
Dumpsterland Dave Dumpsterland, Annie, Jay Essanga, John Crawford, Ivan Brunetti Comics, Nonfiction, Personal, Travel