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Historical Moments of Policing, Violence, and Resistance Series Vol. 6: Chicago's Red Summer of 1919 Elizabeth Dadabo, Madeleine Arenivar, Samuel Barnett, Martha Biondi, Lisa Dadabo, Billy Dee, Julie Hilvers, Mariame Kaba, Eric Kerl, Olivia Perlow Documentation, History, Politics
How to be a good zine citizen Liz Mason, Carrie Art
Industrial Workers of the World General Organization Bulletin #3 2014 Kenneth Miller, Frank Syratt, Ryan G., DJ Alperovitz, Montigue Magruder, Brian Latour, Jason Krpan, Sam Green, Kate Diedrick, Monika Vykoukal Current Events, Documentation, History, Nonfiction, Philosophy, Politics, Resource
Active Revolution: New Directions in Revolutionary Social Change James Mumm Nonfiction, Philosophy, Politics
Mash Tun: A Craft Beer Journal Issue No. 4 Ed Marszewski, Jamie Trecker, Shanna van Volt, Jeremiah Chiu, Renata Graw, Alexa Vicius, Reuben Kincaid, Mallory Berry, Aron Gent, Jeff Cagle Food, History, Nonfiction
Jane: Documents From Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973 Judith Arcana, Merrydeath Stern, Jeanne Galatzer-Levy, Ruth Surgal Documentation, History, Philosophy, Politics
A Day Mournful and Overcast Burnett Bolloten Documentation, History, Politics
Hyperlink Magazine Issue No. 1 Matthew Gartland, Janna Marlies Maron, Jennifer E Snyder, Ray Sylvester, Non Wels, Mindy Holahan Peters, Alicia Swiz, Andrew Watkins, Dustin Tevis, Evan White Current Events, Nonfiction, Politics, Sociology
Journey to the Southern Oracle: A Neverending Fanzine Megan Kirby Art, Comics, Personal
Deliberate Proof Vyt Bakaitis, Jennifer Witcher, HR Hegnauer, David Borchart, Trajan and Caslon Poetry