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Title Contributors (first 10, click title for more) Subjects
Consider The Sauce Barbara Sams, Penny Sams, Tom Sams, Tim Sams, David Sams, Howard Waldemar Sams, Fran Dobbs Food, Personal
The American Archivist, Fall/Winter 2017 Gregory S. Hunter, Sarah A. Buchanan, Jane Gruning, Ayse Gursoy, Lecia Barker, Alex H. Poole, Elizabeth England, Elizabeth A. Novara, Vincent J. Novara, Ciaran B. Trace Resource
The How And When E. A. Russell, Abe Marco Resource
Emotional Abuse:A Manual for self-defense Zak Mucha LCSW, Joel Dvoskin PhD, Marc MacYoung, Sandra Ullmann, Phoebe Ward, Alice Vachss, Bridgette Bramlage Nonfiction, Psychology
Book Your Own Fuckin' Life Jason Mojica, Melanie Walski, Pat Loboyko, Tim, Mike McKee, Paul Koob, Jim Milak, Kammi Swift, Michelle Belacic Documentation, Food, Music, Nonfiction, Travel
These Are The Breaks Idris Goodwin Fiction, Music, Nonfiction, Personal, Sociology
Dancing with the Ancestors Kwame Lynn Pitts, C. J. Laity, Wayne Allen Jones, Robert Pitts, Israel Pitts Poetry
The Courtroom Artist Residency Report Marc Fischer, Peggy Pierrot, Wes Janz, Salem Collo-Julin, Dmitry Samarov Art, Current Events, Politics, Sociology
The Meal-Based Artist Residency Program Marc Fischer, Mairead Case, Scott J. Hunter, Grace Ambrose, Dushko Petrovich, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Nathan Pearce, Damon Rich, Andy Sturdevant, Irene Tsatsos Art, Food, Nonfiction, Personal, Philosophy, Sociology
Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology Martha Bayne, Sonya Huber, Kevin Coval, Iris Orpi, Britt Julious, Kelly O'Connor McNees, Kelly Hogan, Rob Miller, Zoe Zolbrod, Andrew Hertzberg History, Nonfiction, Personal, Sociology